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The ACE approach

Academic Consulting and Editing provides scholars with the support you need to produce a stellar writing product. Meagan can help you with a wide variety of academic projects: research articles, theses and dissertations, grant proposals, and more. Meagan specializes in empirical writing in STEM fields and social sciences, though her background in humanistic research prepares her to help you regardless of your academic field.


Meagan's approach to consulting stands out because of her years of training and teaching advanced scholarly writing. There is a "science to scientific writing," and her approach to consulting and editing uses these patterns, logics, and styles to improve your writing. In turn, you will be empowered to use this knowledge in future writing projects.


When you work with ACE, you will receive a full list of recommendations and edits, and all work will be tracked visibly in your document. Meagan's goal is to have 100% clarity in communicating with you about your project.


At all times, Meagan will hold herself and you to the highest standards of academic integrity. You will also always be assured full confidentiality in your work with ACE.
Meagan Kittle Autry

About Meagan

Meagan Kittle Autry, Ph.D., currently serves as the Director of Thesis and Dissertation Support Services in the Graduate School at N.C. State University. In this role, she provides instruction in and consulting for advanced academic writing across all fields, but particularly to STEM scholars. In her years of experience in this role, she has fine-tuned her understanding of the "science of scientific writing," and more importantly, how to work with scholars on their high-stakes academic projects.

Meagan earned her Ph.D. in Communication, Rhetoric, and Digital Media with a specialization in scientific writing and communication and digital media. Her research has examined the development of the original research article over time and especially with emerging media and open access.

There are many academic consultants and editors, but only one person has both the academic credentials and years of experience applying her research to help scholars produce excellent manuscripts: Meagan Kittle Autry, Ph.D.